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Marketing a design

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Personality, Design and Marketing - Matching Design to Customer Personal Preferences (Moss Gloria)(Pevná vazba)

Gloria Moss reveals the extent to which design and advertising effectiveness can be improved through an understanding of the personalities of a range

Healthcare Relationship Marketing - Strategy, Design and Measurement (Haimowitz Ira J.)(Pevná vazba)

Offers a practical overview and resource guide for the design and measurement of pharmaceutical relationship marketing (RM) programs. This book is sui

Learn Unity for Android Game Development - A Guide to Game Design, Development, and Marketing (Sinicki Adam)(Paperback)

Get a thorough and practical introduction to Unity development for Android devices with no previous experience with game development needed. In this b

How to Get Your Product to Market - A Guide to Design, Manufacturing, Marketing and Selling (Guinda Louise)(Paperback)

Do you have an idea for a new product which you are convinced will be the 'next big thing'? Have you spotted a gap in the market and found a way to ma

Exhibit Marketing and Trade Show Intelligence - Successful Boothmanship and Booth Design (Solberg Soilen Klaus)(Pevná vazba)

Serving as a helpful resource for practitioners as well as students of event marketing, this book focuses on successful boothmanship (software) and de

Handbook of Managing and Marketing Tourism Experiences(Pevná vazba)

The planning, design, management and marketing of experiences for tourism markets is a major challenge for tourism destinations and providers in a glo

Relishing Marketing - Illustrations of Food & Drink Packaging (Duffy Joe)(Pevná vazba)

Providing an insight into how innovative illustration can translate into effective sales, this book covers packaging design ideas for a wide variety o

Universal Principles of Design (Lidwell William)(Paperback)

Whether a marketing campaign or a museum exhibit, a video game or a complex control system, the design we see is the culmination of many concepts a

Automobile Design Graphics (Heimann Jim)(Pevná vazba)

Dream a little dreamThe art of selling more than just a carIn the heyday of the automobile, marketing cars was an e

Best of Brochure Design 10 (Chua Perry)(Paperback)

Brochure design is a perennial in the world of marketing and graphic design, yet it can be challenging to execute successfully. This collection of

Automobile Design Graphics - Jim Heimann; Steven Heller; Jim Donnelly

In the heyday of the automobile, marketing cars was an exacting process. Selling the public one of their major life purchases involved not only traditional advertising but also a crucial item that ext

Pocket Universal Principles of Design - 150 Essential Tools for Architects, Artists, Designers, Developers, Engineers, Inventors, and Makers (Lidwell William)(Paperback)

Whether a website, marketing campaign, museum exhibit, a video game or a complex control system, the design we see is the culmination of many conce

No Hard Feelings : Emotions at Work and How They Help Us Succeed - West Duffy Mollie, Fosslien Liz

Have you ever worried about showing emotion at work, or panicked you've revealed too much of your personality?In No Hard Feelings, you'll learn how to navigate the emotional minefield that is the modern workplace, and express your feelings and identity at work. After all, the financial success of the 21st century depends on it. Without the ability to communicate and correct stress, we risk burnout. Without emotions, we cannot make decisions, influence others, or be creative. As our jobs become more collaborative, complex, and stressful - as well as the centre of our identities - effectively embracing emotion will only become more important. Combining behavioural economics and psychology wit...

Pop Sculpture - How to Create Action Figures and Collectible Statues (Bruckner Tim)(Paperback)

Provides a complete guide to the design, sculpting and marketing of pop culture action figures, statues and collectibles. This title begins by tracing

Building Effective Value Chains - Value and its Management (McGuffog Tom)(Paperback)

The value chain describes the actions (such as design, production, marketing, and distribution) that organizations take to bring a product from its co