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Transformation of Nature in Art (Coomaraswamy Ananda K.)(Pevná vazba)

This is an unabridged reissue of a basic work upon Asiatic art principles first issued by Harvard University Press in 1934. Written with the author's

Learning to Program (Foote Steven)(Paperback)

Everyone can benefit from basic programming skills and after you start, you just might want to go a whole lot further. Author Steven Foote taught hims

Good Project - Humanitarian Relief NGOs and the Fragmentation of Reason (Krause Monika)(Paperback)

NGOs set out to save lives, relieve suffering, and service basic human needs. In this book, the author dives into the intricacies of the decision-maki

Combine Harvesters - Theory, Modeling, and Design (Miu Petre)(Paperback)

From Basic Fundamentals to Advanced Design Applications A culmination of the author's more than 20 years o

How to Become a Money Magnet (Carlyle Marie-Claire)(Paperback)

Shows how to attract money easily. This book shares the seven basic steps to becoming a Money Magnet. Based on the author's original 'How to become a

Garden Cottage Diaries - My Year in the Eighteenth Century (Houston Fiona J.)(Paperback)

Presents the story of the author's year re-creating the lifestyle of her 1790s ancestor in a basic one-roomed cottage, eating home-grown produce and s

An Introduction to Algebraic Topology - Rotman, Joseph J.

This book offers a detailed exposition, with exercises, of the basic ideas of algebraic topology: homology, homotopy groups, and cohomology rings. Avoiding excessive generality, the author explains th

Eating - Vintage Minis (Lawson Nigella)(Paperback)

From basic roast chicken and pea risotto to white truffles and Turkish Delight figs, the author sets out a manifesto for how to cook (and eat) good fo

Cure for Suicide (Ball Jesse)(Paperback)

From the acclaimed author of Silence Once Begun comes a beguiling new novel about a man starting over at the most basic level, and the strange woman w

The Physics of Everyday Things - Kakalios, James

Physics professor, bestselling author and dynamic storyteller James Kakalios reveals the mind-bending science behind the seemingly basic things that keep our daily lives running, from our smartphones

My Sikh Faith (Singh Kaval)(Paperback)

My Sikh Faith is one of 6 titles that introduce the young reader to the basic beliefs and rituals of the 6 main world religions. The author and photog

Shirtmaking Workbook - Pattern, Design, and Construction Resources - More Than 100 Pattern Downloads for Collars, Cuffs & Plackets (Coffin David)(Paperback)

So you've made a basic shirt or two and you are looking for more options and directions... Well, you are in luck David Page Coffin, author of

Ultimate Atlas: Logbook of Spaceship Earth

Deutinger--Austrian architect, writer, designer and author of the acclaimed Handbook of Tyranny--maps the basic data of Earth and its inhabitants to create a total portrait of the planet from the digi

How-to of Udu (DVD)

The How to of Udu DVD is an introduction to performing the Udu drums. Presented in a user-friendly manner, author Brian Melick covers a variety of drums and techniques such as developing basic fundame

The Fast Guide to Architectural Form - Baires Raffaelli

While staying on theoretical ground, this is a very practical guide to the basic forms and shapes in architectural planning and design. The book is foremost a visual guide. The author presents sixty different basic architectural forms with both a schematic illustration and images of the forms applied in buildings. The Fast Guide to Architectural Form - Baires Raffaelli od authora Baires Raffaelli a nakladatelství za skvělé ceny na e-shopu Martinus.cz