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Author mission 2010

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Numbers Don´t Lie: 71 Things You Need to Know About the World - Václav Smil

<p>'My favourite author has done it again. Numbers Don't Lie is by far his most accessible book to date, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is curious about the world. I unabashedly recommend this book to anyone who loves learning' Bill Gates Is flying dangerous? How much do the world's cows weigh? And what makes people happy? From Earth's nations and inhabitants, through the fuels and foods that energize them, to the transportation and inventions of our modern world - and how all of this affects the planet itself - in Numbers Don't Lie, Professor Vaclav Smil takes us on a fact-finding adventure, using surprising statistics and illuminating graphs to challenge lazy thinking. Sm...

Patka rámu GH-014

<p>Náhradní Alu patka / hák / koncovka rámu.<br />Porovnejte Vaši patku s fotkou a vyberte ten správný tvar.<br />Šrouby pro připevnění k rámu jsou součástí balení.<br /><br />Patka pasuje mimo jiné i na tyto rámy:</p><br /><ul><br /><li>Author A33 2013</li><br /><li>Author A3300 2000</li><br /><li>Author A3300 2008-2010</li><br /><li>Author A3301 2001</li><br /><li>Author A3302 2002</li><br /><li>Author A3303 2003</li><br /><li>Author A3304 2004</li><br /><li>Author A3305 2005</li><br /><li&g...