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Author mission 2012

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Patka rámu GH-014

<p>Náhradní Alu patka / hák / koncovka rámu.<br />Porovnejte Vaši patku s fotkou a vyberte ten správný tvar.<br />Šrouby pro připevnění k rámu jsou součástí balení.<br /><br />Patka pasuje mimo jiné i na tyto rámy:</p><br /><ul><br /><li>Author A33 2013</li><br /><li>Author A3300 2000</li><br /><li>Author A3300 2008-2010</li><br /><li>Author A3301 2001</li><br /><li>Author A3302 2002</li><br /><li>Author A3303 2003</li><br /><li>Author A3304 2004</li><br /><li>Author A3305 2005</li><br /><li&g...

Imaginary Friend - Stephen Chbosky

<p>'Astonishing . . . Genius . . . A masterpiece' EMMA WATSON Christopher Reese has been through a lot by the age of seven. He will go through much more before he turns eight. All his mother Kate Reese ever wanted to do is protect him. She will have to do that more than she ever imagined. Their new home, the town of Mill Grove, Pennsylvania, is sleepy, ordinary, and isolated. In other words: perfect for what is about to happen. Something that will deeply mark everyone: from Christopher and his mother, to the local sheriff, the residents of the retirement home, and every student at the school. Something which no one can explain, but everyone can feel. Something that will change ...