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Cvieni tai chi dvd

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Best of Tai Chi and Qi Gong (DVD)

Collection of four instructional tai chi and qi gong programmes. In Tai Chi for Beginners William C.C. Chen leads viewers through the basics of the sport. Tai Chi and Qi Gong Basics, presented by

Essential Guide to Tai Chi, Meditation and Purification (DVD)

A comprehensive programme on techniques from Tai Chi, meditation and purification to help to de-stress and detox.

De-stress Plan - Yoga Tai Chi Meditation Massage (DVD)

Lucy Lloyd-Barker introduces this work-out routine designed to help relax and revitalise the body. Features yoga, tai chi, meditation and head massage.

Meditation and Relaxation (DVD)

Triple bill of programmes designed to help with relaxation. An Introduction to Tai Chi helps concentrate the flow of chi energy through the body. With a combination of movements and meditation techn

Guide to Meditation Techniques (Rod Rodrigo) (DVD)

Lucy Knight presents this guide using different schools and techniques including Yoga, Sun Salutation, Tai Chi and other similar practices.

Ang Lee Trilogy (Ang Lee) (DVD)

Triple bill of features from film-maker Ang Lee. Pushing Hands 1992 follows retired tai chi master Mr. Chu Sihung Lung as he relocates from Beijing to the New York suburbs to live with his son

A to Z of Martial Arts - From Aikido to Zen (DVD)

A is for Akido, B is for Boxing Thai boxing that is, C is for Chi Tai Chi Chuan, and D is for destruction. Discover the complete A to Z of martial arts with this clear and comprehensive overview of