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Dog scooter

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Great Dog - Davide Cali, Miguel Tanco (ilustrácie)

A pup and his father contemplate his grand future while looking at other Great Dogs in their family. Will he be a marathon runner like Uncle Tibor, the fastest dog in the family? Will he be an astronaut like Aunt Yuki, who reached for the stars? Or maybe a teacher like Uncle Scooter, respected by all? No matter what, says his father, he will be a GREAT dog! Davide Cali's tongue-in-cheek writing and Miguel Tanco's unique and funny illustrations bring these great dogs to life and will have readers giggling from start to finish. With gatefolds that show the real story behind the characters Great Dog - Davide Cali, Miguel Tanco (ilustrácie) od authora Davide Cali, Miguel Tanco (ilustrácie) a na...

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