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Gt zaskar 100 team 2012

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Patka rámu GH-283 GT 31519

Náhradní Alu patka / hák / koncovka rámu.Porovnejte Vaši patku s fotkou a vyberte ten správný tvar.Šrouby pro připevnění k rámu jsou součástí balení.Patka pasuje mimo jiné i na tyto rámy:ZNAČKA MODEL ROKGT Corsa, Corsa 1, Corsa 2 2014GT Edge Ti 2013GT Edge Ti disc frame, Edge Ti frameset, Edge Ti Team 2014GT Helion comp (QR) 2015GT Karakoram 2017-2018GT XIZANG 2012GT XIZANG 2013GT XIZANG 9R (frame, pro, team), XIZANG frame 2014GT Zaskar 100 2011GT Zaskar 100 2012GT Zaskar 100 2013GT Zaskar 100 elite 2014GT Zaskar carbon 9R (elite, expert, LTD, pro) 2015GT Zaskar carbon 9R (elite, expert, pro, team), Zaskar carbon elite 2014GT Zaskar Le 2013

100 Movies of the 2010s - Jürgen Müller

<p>The 2010s saw Netflix take on Hollywood, indie movies make history, and Star Wars strike back. Look back on the very best of film from 2011–2020 in this new compendium distilling the big-screen spirit of the decade. Entries featuring stills, detailed synopses, and trivia guide us across the Marvel Universe and through landmark projects such as Boyhood, Get Out, and Parasite. A must-have for any serious film fan!</p> <p>The movies that shaped the 2010s Cinema has likely never been written off so often. In the decade of the 2010s, it is true, much has changed – both in how we watch movies, and in how we see ourselves. Social media and the internet have shaped a new unders...