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Lady gaga fame

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Fame (Lady Gaga) (Vinyl)

US only LP pressing of the debut album from the New York singer. On the Fame, its as if Gaga took two parts Dance-Pop, one part Electro-Pop, and one part Rock with a splash of Disco and burlesque and

The Fame (Lady Gaga) (CD)

THE FAME is the debut album by American pop singer and songwriter Lady Gaga. GaGa worked closely with producers RedOne and Space Cowboy. The album is closely preceded by her debut single, Just Dance

Fame Monster (Picture Disc) (Lady Gaga) (Vinyl)

Record Store Day Exclusive This unique collectors item has been pressed onto a record featuring a unique image presented by the artist. Note The image is on the actual record itself. Protection Each

Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame - Mathieu Deflem

This book investigates the stardom of Lady Gaga within a cultural-sociological framework. Resisting a reductionist perspective of fame as a commodity, Mathieu Deflem offers an empirical examination of the social conditions that informed Lady Gaga’s rise to fame. The book delves into topics such as the marketing of Lady Gaga; the legal issues that have dogged her career; the media; her audience; her activism; issues of sex, gender, and sexuality; and Lady Gaga’s unique artistry. By training a spotlight on this singular pop icon, Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame invites readers to consider th Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame - Mathieu Deflem od authora Mathieu Deflem a nakladatelství z...