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Lone Wolf: Rune Wars (Collector s Edition) - Joe Dever

24 díl gamebookové série Lone Wolf v anglickém jazyce. Tato sběratelská edice v pevné vazbě obsahuje také bonusový příběh The traitor s reward. In the twenty-fourth Lone Wolf adventure, you must journey back to the Stornlands for an old-school Magnakai adventure reminiscent of the Dungeons of Torgar - a crusade against Lord Vandyan of Eldenora, a cruel tyrant who draws his power from runes created long ago by Agarash the Damned - the greatest champion of the Dark God Naar. Your task is to infiltrate Skull-Tor, Lord Vandyan’s stronghold, and destroy the ancient runes from which he draws his evil power. This Collector s Edition from Holmgard Press is the next step in the completion of the har...