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Marketing an introduction

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Marketing: An Introduction (Armstrong Gary)(Paperback)

The third European edition of this classic text has been updated with the latest ideas in marketing and with numerous new European marketing examples

Marketing - An Introduction (Masterson Rosalind)(Mixed media product)

An easy to use tool allowing students to switch from web resources to the print text and back again, opening windows to the world of marketing through

Marketing Research - A Concise Introduction (Kolb Bonita)(Pevná vazba)

This is an introductory textbook that provides students with the essential information needed to plan and perform marketing research for the first tim

Marketing Research - A Concise Introduction (Kolb Bonita)(Paperback)

This is an introductory textbook that provides students with the essential information needed to plan and perform marketing research for the first tim

Introduction to Social Media Marketing (Charlesworth Alan)(Paperback)

Social media has given marketers a way to connect with consumers in an unprecedented and revolutionary way, but the very newness of this medium is

Travel Marketing, Tourism Economics and the Airline Product - An Introduction to Theory and Practice (Camilleri Mark Anthony)(Pevná vazba)

This book provides a comprehensive introduction to travel marketing, tourism economics and the airline product. At the same time, it provides an overv

Marketing (Groucutt Jonathan)(Paperback)

Offering a student-friendly introduction to marketing, this text covers all of the need to know basics in a clear and engaging manner. Marketing is an

Video Marketing Strategy - Mowat, Jon

An Introduction to Video Marketing, Its Impact and Opportunity; What Is Video Marketing?; Why Video Marketing Works; Video Types - Outlines and Benefits; How To Stand Out in the Content Soup;How To Ma

Introduction to Sport Marketing - Second Edition (Smith Aaron C. T.)(Paperback)

Introduction to Sport Marketing is an accessible and engaging introduction to key concepts and best practice in sport marketing. Aimed at students wit

Essentials of Marketing (Blythe Jim)(Paperback)

Essentials of Marketing, sixth edition, provides an accessible, lively and engaging introduction to marketing. Taking a practical, tactical approach,

International Marketing (Ghauri Pervez)(Paperback)

Presents an introduction to international marketing has been thoroughly revised, updated and developed throughout to reflect the most recent developme

Fashion Industry and its Careers - An Introduction (Granger Michele M.)(Paperback)

The Fashion Industry and Its Careers, 3rd Edition, offers an exploration of the fashion industry - from raw materials to marketing to the ul

More Than a Name - an Introduction to Branding (Davis Melissa)(Paperback)

Branding today is a carefully orchestrated experience, supported by complex marketing strategies and sophisticated psychology. 'More Than A Name: An I

Principles of Marketing (Brassington Dr. Frances)(Paperback)

An introduction to marketing from a European perspective, this work explains the fundamental concepts and theories of marketing and demonstrates their