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Plavky change nice black

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Obsessive Maidme - kostým pokojské (6 dílná souprava)

Sexy room service? Just arrived! Surprise your lover and change into a flirtatious temptress! This lingerie set will surprise you with perfect details like an apron and headband. You will see – the extremely great fun begins right in the moment of opening this box and putting on this sexy lingerie! Sassy details of Maidme set: - 5pcs set of naughty maid! - bra with underwire cups – perfect breasts look! - cups with open gussets – untie the tiny bow and unpack the surprise! - regulated straps and hook and eye closure – great fit is important - garter belt with tiny, cute apron – looks great adds plenty of charm - adorable, shiny, satin bow, three pearls and lacy details – pure pe...