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Tai chi dvd

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Tai Chi (DVD)

Jian Liujun presents this guide to the art of Tai Chi Chuan. The programme begins with the Essence of Tai Chi Chuan, explaining the fundamental principles of the discipline, including the Yi Ying, Yin

Tai Chi for Seniors (DVD)

Tai Chi instructor Mark Johnson presents this guide to Tai Chi for older people, demonstrating techniques that can reduce stress and improve flexibility and calmness.

Tai Chi for Beginners (DVD)

Introduction to the basics of the Chinese martial art tai chi. As well as a means of self-defence, tai chi was used in ancient China as a method of relaxation and meditation, and the guide plays close

Tai Chi for Healing (DVD)

Instructional guide to the healing properties of Tai Chi, the ancient Chinese art of using the bodys internal energy to combat stress and improve relaxation. This volume, presented by Mark Johnson, d

Tai Chi for Beginners (DVD)

Reduce stress, strengthen the body and mind, and improve overall wellbeing with Master Chen, as he leads you through basic, low-impact exercises with easy-to-follow instructions.

Introduction to Tai Chi Chi Kung (DVD)

Lucy Lloyd-Barker presents this guide to tai chi chi kung, which helps concentrate the flow of chi energy through the body. A combination of movements and meditation techniques, tai chi chi kung can h

Infinite Tai Chi for Health (DVD)

Jason Chan shows you how to regain physical and spiritual wellbeing in just ten minutes a day using tai chi techniques in a sequence of controlled exercises.

Man of Tai Chi (Keanu Reeves) (DVD)

Keanu Reeves directs and stars alongside Chinese martial artist Tiger Chen in this action-packed thriller following the experience of a highly-skilled fighter entering the brutal world of underground

De-stress Plan - Yoga Tai Chi Meditation Massage (DVD)

Lucy Lloyd-Barker introduces this work-out routine designed to help relax and revitalise the body. Features yoga, tai chi, meditation and head massage.

Tai Chi and Chi Kung (DVD / Box Set)

Triple pack of programmes presented by Jason Chan aimed at improving your health and well-being. Tai Chi for Beginners is ideal for people of all ages and without harsh body movements, the technique

Tai Chi Chen: Tui Shou (DVD)

Instructional programme which focuses on the Chinese internal martial art tai chi.

Tai Chi for Self Defence (DVD)

A title which provides the viewer with a series of practical, easy to follow instructions into the ancient martial art of tai chi.

T'ai Chi Short Form (DVD)

Ronnie Robinson presents this introduction to Tai Chi Chuan, an ancient Chinese system of exercise which, when practiced regularly, can provide benefits such as relaxation improved posture stress r

Tai Chi and Qi Gong Basics (DVD)

Tai Chai is an ancient Chinese art that increases the bodys strength, agility, and power, while Qi Gong is a centuries-old Chinese health system that improves mental and physical awareness. Taught by